10 Things About Me

For all of my new readers out there and for anybody that does not know me personally, I want you to get to know me a little bit better! Today, I’m sharing ten facts about me that you probably didn’t know.

1 - I’m a senior in college

I am in my final semester of college right now! I study fashion merchandising and communications.

2 - Throughout childhood, I wanted to be a fashion designer or a police officer

Two completely different things, I know! I always loved the idea of becoming a cop and I actually pursued fashion design for a majority of my life!

3 - I’m Italian

My grandparents and father moved to the United States from Italy when he was a little boy! My family is originally from Naples.

4 - I have a poodle… and I named her Vogue

When I was sixteen, I adopted a poodle. She is my whole world! My love for fashion along with my young age gave me the brilliant* idea to name her Vogue (slight sarcasm).

5 - I’m a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for about six years now! Whenever people find out, the question I always hear is, “why?”. To put it simply, for the animals!

6 - I have a musical background

Throughout middle and high school, I had a real passion for music. I took vocal, piano, clarinet and guitar lessons. I was in the school band and choir and attended “honor” bands and choirs. I went through so many stressful auditions and really contemplated taking it seriously after high school. When I was a senior, I stopped doing almost all things musical which is something I regret.

7 - I was born in Philadelphia and I grew up in Pittsburgh

Everybody in my family lives in Philly! My parents, my older brother and I moved to Pittsburgh when I was really young and have lived here ever since.

8 - I’m an introvert

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being around people and having fun but I really love having time to myself and hanging with friends at home! I’m also pretty shy when I first meet people.

9 - I have a coffee obsession

I can’t leave in the morning without having coffee and when I’m out I have to get an iced coffee to sip on through whatever activity I’m doing. I have a bad habit of drinking coffee later in the day too which is not good for my sleep schedule. I even became a barista at Starbucks because of this obsession!

10 - I’ve worked in fashion since I was 14

When I was 14, I got my first “job” volunteering at a nonprofit women’s resale boutique that benefited animal welfare. I went on to work at Nordstrom, Madewell and a local boutique, Lex & Lynne. I currently work at American Eagle Corporate!