Trending in Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect way to add personality to any look. Old styles are making a comeback and new ideas are capturing our attention. I am loving some of the current jewelry styles, and I want to share them with you today! What are your favorite jewelry trends?




Tortoise Shell has to be one of my favorite prints. I love wearing tortoise with a simple outfit like ripped jeans and a black turtleneck in the fall! It changes the whole look and gives off a retro vibe. I see this becoming more and more popular in the coming months.

UO Lyla Hoop Earring, $16 | Shashi Katy Hoop Earring, $42


Little Words Project

I was introduced to the Little Words Project at my favorite boutique, Lex & Lynne. After learning the mission of this brand, I fell in love. The idea is that you pick a word that is meaningful to you, maybe you need a reminder to smile or be brave. Then you wait! You wait for somebody to come along that you feel needs that reminder more than you do and you pass your bracelet on to them. This cycle is meant to continue, inspiring and creating positivity.

Little Words Project Bracelets, $18-27



Adina's Jewels introduced their rainbow jewelry line back in May and everyone went crazy for it! Influencers everywhere are wearing these pieces and its become a huge trend. I think this is so much fun, perfect for summer! It definitely takes me back to my childhood.

Rainbow Ring, $125 | Multi Color Choker, $225


Chunky Hoops

Okay, chunky hoops are simply the best. It's crazy how throwing on a pair of these instantly makes you the coolest. I wear these with EVERYTHING!

UO Gia Huggie Hoop Earrings, $18 | UO Chunky Hoop Earring, $16