Fall Must Haves

Fall is just around the corner, and I bet you're wondering whether or not you have everything you need for a fashionably successful season. Here are a few items that are perfect for giving you that extra confidence boost you're looking for!

Original Post Date: 8/23/2015



TURTLENECKS are a staple when it comes to fall/winter. They provide extra coverage for the cold weather and are super fashionable.

BOYFRIEND JEANS are so trendy. They're comfortable and can add a cool, relaxed element to any outfit.

Having a stylish HAT is always always always a good idea. Having a bad hair day? No worries, slip on your hat and nobody will notice! Can't figure out what your look needs to be complete? I bet your hat would look great!

An OVERSIZED COAT will be the icing on the cake to every outfit this fall. Grab a simple, solid color coat for a sleek look.

SOCKS are a must have with booties. Have them poke out of the top of your boots for an adorable look while keeping your feet nice and toasty!

Have a favorite BOOT for fall. Shades of black and tan are great choices! They'll go with almost anything, and they'll never go out of style.

A go to LIPSTICK will make your makeup routine a lot easier. A great fall nude is "Velvet Teddy" by Mac.

A WATCH will add sophistication to any outfit. Be sure to get a simple design, something not too flashy, so that you can wear it with anything!

Choose a great versatile BAG so you don't have to stress. Cross body bags are great for somebody on the go!

Having a fall DRESS is never a bad idea. Plaids and peter pan collars really scream, "I know how to dress!!!", and they're appropriate for any event!

FashionGina Ungarino