New & Exciting in Beauty

The beauty community has been launching new collections and products so often, it's becoming hard to keep up! I want to talk about a few of the most popular recent launches and share my thoughts.

Fenty Beauty Body Lava, $52 | Fairy Bomb, $42 | Body Lava, Fairy Bomb & Brush, $135

Fenty's Body Lava and Fairy Bomb look beautiful on the skin. If you don't mind the sticky residue The Body Lava leaves, you'll be glowing for hours. As for the fairy bomb, the pouf would look pretty sitting on your vanity but dusting some highlighter over your body with a fluffy brush will give the same effect. In all reality, everyone wants a product created by RIHANNA, but these are definitely DIYable.


Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat, $29

A few months ago, the Naked Heat palette was everywhere being reviewed, swatched and criticized. Recently, Urban Decay released the Naked Petite Heat Palette, which pulls all the "essential" shades from the original full sized palette. I am in love with this mini palette! It's perfect for travel and you can create a ton of different looks. Bring a single shimmer or glitter shadow, and you're set! 



This bundle is so simple, but so beautiful. The beauty community is going crazy for the blue shade, and I'm obsessed too! I really love the lipstick and glosses, they look stunning on every skin tone. I'm also loving the brick shadow shade! There has been a lot of positive feedback on this bundle.


Morphe x Bretman BABE IN PARADISE, $29

I can't wait to get my hands on this product! Bretman did an amazing job with the creation of this palette. The packaging, shades and (hopefully) the formula are all to die for. If you love a blinding highlight, this one is for you! 



KKW Beauty Concealer Kit, $80

The KKW Concealer Kit consists of a liquid concealer, baking powder, brightening powder, dual ended concealer brush and dual ended sponge/brush applicator. In my opinion, the only product in this line that is worth the money is the brightening powder. From the reviews I've seen, the concealer and baking powder aren't anything special and most people stick to using their own brushes. The brightening powder does exactly what you'd expect, brightens the skin and just transforms the whole makeup look! I've never seen a product like it. The brightening powder can be bought seperately for $18.


Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie Palette, $45

Laura recieved A LOT of criticism when she released her first palette, Cat's Pajamas. She definitely listened to the feedback when creating Nudie Patootie. I think the glitter shades really make this neutral palette special! There has been a lot of speculation, however, on what the shades actually look like. In the image on Laura's website, the shadows look rich and pigmented, but some beauty bloggers swatches' look chalky and light. I guess we have to get it four ourselves to see how the shades really perform!