November BoxyCharm Unboxing

About four months ago, I signed up for a subscription to BoxyCharm. If you haven’t heard of BoxyCharm, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box filled with full sized goodies. The beauty industry is flooded with new product launches and it’s great to have a monthly supply of new product to try! After spilling coffee all over myself, it was nice to come home and find my BoxyCharm waiting for me. It’s like a little monthly gift to yourself that will brighten up any day! Today, I want to share with you what I got in my November box!

CoverFX Glitter Drops, $44

I am so excited about this product! I have seen CoverFX highlighters reviewed time and time again on my favorite beauty YouTube channels, but as a college student I didn’t want to risk spending $44 without trying them out first. From what I’ve seen, these are BLINDING and I can’t wait to incorporate this product into my daily routine.

Luxie Luminous Eye Set, $21

I have received Luxie brushes in subscription boxes before, and they never disappoint. I always love adding to my brush collection, and these are the cutest!

Bodyography Makeup Brush Cleaner, $12

Although we all hate cleaning our brushes, it’s a necessary evil so I’m super excited that BoxyCharm included this brush cleaner. This will definitely be added to my travel makeup bag. Spray cleaners are great for trips (like my trip home this week for Thanksgiving!!).

Ace Beaute Grandoise Palette, $24.99

Aside from shades of brown, oranges and reds are my favorite for the eyes! I’ve actually never heard of this brand, so I’m interested to see what the formula is like. Dipping into this palette to create some warm tone looks will be a lot of fun. I’ll probably convince my sister to let me do a look on her too!

Faram Galaxy Gold Tweezers, $12

Okay, these have to be the cutest tweezers I’ve ever seen. I have been loyal to Tweezerman for years because they seem to work the best, but I have high hopes for these! Either way, they will look pretty on my vanity!

If you’re interested in signing up for your own BoxyCharm subscription, check out their website here!